Fried Green Beans


1 C. Flour 2/3 C. Water 1 Egg 1 t. Seasoned Salt 1 t. Garlic Powder

1 t. Pepper

(Sea Salt For After Frying) 1 lb Fresh Green Beans

Vegetable Oil For Frying (enough for 1/2” deep in your pan — if you have any bacon grease, add it!) Directions:

Heat oil/bacon grease until hot - medium high heat. Test your oil by putting a toothpick in it and see if if bubbles around the toothpick.

Mix flour, water, egg & seasonings in a bowl until smooth.

Wash and cut off ends of green beans. Use a fork and dip green beans into batter and put in oil when hot, turn over when lightly browned. Put on paper towels to absorb excess oil when done. Put a pinch of Sea Salt on top and serve with your favorite dipping sauce!  

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