*The Best* No Bake Cookies!


Y'all. We've all had No Bake Cookies... I LOVE them! My sister and I were together for a week and decided we were going to figure out the best way to make them. After several batches, we did it! They are perfect and we gained 5 lbs. that week - you're welcome! ;)


2 C. Sugar 

3 T. Cocoa 1/2 C. Milk 1/4 C. Butter - melt above in saucepan - once boiling, time a minute - take off heat - stir in 👇🏻 1/2 C. PB

Dash of Vanilla 2 1/8 C. Quick Oats 🌻 Linds Blog: loviesandlattes.com IG: @loviesandlattes FB: fb.com/groups/297410770673436/ 

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