Vanilla Bean Glazed Hermits

Here is another recipe for your Thanksgiving Day meal plan. The other day I went to the bakery I used to work at... there was a box of glazed cookies called "hermits" ...

I've never heard of them before, but, I open the boxed and they smelled divine - I had to buy them - Parker (the baby growing in my womb) - told me to .... :)

So, I decided to look up what these magical cookies are. They taste so good and I don't even know how to explain what exactly they taste like. Spice cookies? With a sweet glaze? But, not overly sweet.... not too gingerbread-y ... not pumpkin-y ... molasses-y but not pankcake-y ... Well, I found an old recipe for them and I've shared that with you above. However, I rarely follow a recipe as it is written... I read it and then rewrite it to my liking! :)

So, I'm also attaching my recipe!

Choose as you please and be sure to let me know how you like it

{mine is the hand written one}! :)

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