Roasted Chicken & Veggies

This is the best recipe. So delicious, so easy and MOIST CHICKEN! You can also make a pan gravy from the drippings.



2 Lbs. Chicken Thighs {Skin On} 3 1/2 T. Honey

2 Garlic Cloves, Minced

2 T. Butter 2 T. Olive Oil

6 Rosemary Sprigs, Take Leaves Off Of Stems & Chop

4 Lemons, Juiced

1 lb. Red Potatoes {Or Other Potatoes, Chopped}

A Few Rainbow Carrots, Peeled, Left Long But Cut in Half

Salt and Pepper


Preheat Oven 400°F

Place your chicken {skin side up} and veggies in a large casserole dish or baking sheet with sides. Don't let the ingredients touch, if you can, this will help you get a nice, golden brown crisp on the chicken and veggies {at least don't let the chicken touch the other chicken}. If they touch, they're more likely to steam and not brown.

Still yummy, but hey, flavor in the brown ;)!

Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper! Take one of your lemons, cut in half and squeeze the juice onto your ingredients in the dish. Then, cut the halves into fourths and put in the dish also.

In a saucepan, zest the lemons and then squeeze the juice into the pan. Add the chopped rosemary, honey, garlic, oil and butter. Simmer on medium low heat until combined and flavors meld well. Pour over chicken and veggies.

Bake for 45-55 minutes or until chicken is done.

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