French Toast | Not Soggy Not Burnt!

I love French Toast so much... However! Every time I make it something is wrong with it. It's too soggy in the middle, too burnt on the outside... just NOT right!

So, I finally did it. I figured out how to get it just right, finally!

So here it is, ladies & gents:

3/4 C. Whole Milk

1/4 C. Heavy Cream

1 t. Salt

1 T. Cinnamon

2 T. Sugar

Slices of Potato Bread


Whisk everything together well. Dip each side of your bread in the mixture and put it in a skillet with butter on medium heat.

Let brown on the first side well, flip over and turn down to medium low heat until other side browns well. This should crisp it up just right and cook it through perfectly. Serve with warm syrup and enjoy!

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