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I've been married for almost eight years, and we have four sweet blessings! My husband is a pastor, and we love serving in ministry together! I also love to cook and bake!

I'm a sinner saved by grace! Praise God for His free gift of salvation! To know that I'll be in Heaven the second after I take my last breath is the most important thing in my life. Want to know how you can know? Don't hesitate to email me!

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About Me

I'm a military brat! Grew up with my dad serving our Country and moved every couple of years all my life. I still love moving every couple of years - even if its just to a house! I call it my "military itch" to move! :)

about lindsay

Hey Y'all !


Linds here. For as long as I can remember, I've been a "doodler" ...

Have a to-go box from a restaurant? Let me doodle your name on it with

my kids menu crayons! Sitting around the dinner table playing a board game?

Let me be the score keeper so I can draw everyone's names! High school

text book covers? COVERED in doodles!

Now, I've been able to turn my passion of doodling into a business! I love

making graphic designs of all kinds. Logos, banners for Etsy, social media

graphics, chalkboard designs, circuit creations, rebranding designs, flyer &

brochures - you name it, I'm your gal!

I would LOVE to design for you! I always work with my clients until they are

absolutely in love! If you need a design feel free to email me and let me

know what you need! I'll let you know the prices for what you are needing.

As soon as your payment processes, we will get started!

Check out my gallery tab to see just a few of my designs!

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